Friday, 14 November 2008

First Minister, Last Call

Has Alex Salmond pulled off his greatest masterstroke yet?

If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, Scotland's First Minister appeared on BBC Scotland's Children in Need tonight in the form of a homage to Rikki Fulton's much loved Rev I M Jolly. He gave a performance of humour and self-deprecation in aid of the cause.

In a week when Gordon Brown demonstrated his total inability to empathise, Mr Salmond reminded Scotland that leadership is not just about executing a rescue package perfectly scripted by mandarins it is also about humanity and the common touch.

The tradition of Scots leaders is that they are first among equals and, based on tonight's evidence, it is one tradition that Mr Salmond understands and intends to honour.

So, three cheers for Eck - although perhaps that dog-collar wasn't the most flattering of accessories!!!


Not a Village in Westminster said...

I'm not sure about master stroke - the sketch was about 50% genius and 50% pure cringing.

Still fair play to the man, it is good to see political leaders willing to join in a good cause and run the risk of public ridicule.

west-world said...

Thanks for that.

I didn't find it cringy at all actually even though I fully expected to!!!