Monday, 22 December 2008

The Devine Comedy Continues

I read with interest the indefatigable Jim Devine's blundering attempts to dig himself out of the hole he has dug himself into regarding the troubled Livingston firm, Gemfire.

Regular readers will recall my previous posts highlighting Jolly Jim's will he/won't he plans to organise a protest at the gates of the US owned firm after they had told their employees to go home because they didn't have enough money to pay them.

Amidst severe pressure from some of the affected workers, who were rightly concerned that such action would deter any alternative investors, the PR stunt was called off. The company has since re-commenced partial operations while further funds are sought.

Now it seems Mr Devine wants to pretend that all along he has been trying to 'broker' a deal on behalf of Gemfire. But, says West Lothian Labour's 'Mr Consensus', Gemfire won't return his calls.

Although Mr Devine gives no detail on who he might be trying to broker such a deal with, let's just say for the sake of argument there is some substance to what he is saying for once. Why, then, would he continue to say that Gemfire has 'treated their workforce like a 19th-century coal mine owner' ?

Strikes me that perhaps Mr Devine doesn't want Gemfire to get back in touch. That way the bluff over his potential deal won't get called and he'll be able to continue in the pretence that he is somehow representing the interests of his constituents in the full glare of the media spotlight.

I think this speaks volumes for this particular individual's style and approach to politics and representation. Everything this man does seems to be motiviated by the need to generate publicity.

However, it raises wider questions which need answered. I hate to be a tease but that will have to wait for a later post.

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Suzy said...

I had the article come through in my google alerts today and immediately laughed out loud. Not that I find Gemfire's predicament funny in any way I hasten to add. What I DO find hilarious is, as you so correctly state, Jim now 'pretending' he was attempting to 'broker' a deal all along.

You certainly have Mr Devine's character well sussed out - I only hope and pray that his constituents see through him also - he is beyond a joke and the sad thing is that human beings are affected by his *stunts* :0(

Oh, I hate you being a tease - how much longer for a later post ? ;0)